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I’m Louisa, your Innovative Marketing Specialist. Today my goal is to help people find a way to reverse the aging skin back to a new youthful you by using homemade creams  and oils. Back in day my mother use to make homemade products using natural grown fruits and vegetable from the comfort of her garden.

Since, I was intrigued to follow her foot step. Out of the kicthen Skin and Face Remedy is where it all started. Today I make my own skin creams and facial oils because of my sensivity to harsh products and chemicals.


Over the past 30 years,  aging skin has been my main concern. Since I am one who has various skin issues, some genetic and/or wear and tear from the sun, weather, chemicals and normal aging. Welcome To The World Of Skin Creativity

I highly recommend, folks to feed their face with lots of Probiotic for renewal of the skin. Twice a day feed your face with yogurt, apple, avocado, olive, watermelon annd lentil extract for hydrated, supple skin.

In the early eighties, I became a Mary Kay Consultant .Specializing in skin care. I took a serious passion helping women and men find a remedy that works for your skin type, and to take facial anti-aging products to the next level.

I joined Weathy Affiliate in 2016. Presently I am still at Wealthy Affiliate. It is one of the programs i have been involved with, I am very happy that I found this Program. If you want to learn about how to build your own website,  then Click here!


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Email: louisapromonews@gmail.com




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