Old Fashion Skin Cure-All

Old Fashion Skin Cure-All


Chicken Soup for healthier skin.


Ckicken broth that you make is a good source for reducing wrinkles. You can

improve your skin naturally from the inside out by consuming certain foods.



1 whole onion diced

1 stem of celery diced

1 carrots chopped

2 bay leaf

3 cups of water



Simmer a quarter chicken part: skin, bones and all

in a medium pan or boiler. Next, use enough water to

cover the contents. Now, cook for about 2 hours with out led. Allow for evaporation.

When cooled, the poultry and vegetables will give the content a good flavor and

nutrients. Take the remainder of broth and strain the solid from the liquid.

now put this portion in another bowl.


This is the same substances we make in our own bodies that provides our skin

with plumpness and fulness. http://my.worldgn.com/join/promonews

Now you can eat the substances.

Use the broth as a daily moisterur for you skin. Let set on skin for 10 or 15 minutes,

then wash off with warm water.

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