How to Use Companies Face Products for free?

How to Use Companies Face Products for free?



How To Use Companies face products for free?

Most companies are looking for people to sample their products. So if you are one those

people who don’t mind sampling products for free, then this is for you. For years, now,  I have

sampled many face products, especially those that are for black circles and aging spots.

Some companies will let you sample their product if you pay the shipping and handling cost, which is

no more than $4.99.



Return Policy If Not satisfied

If you find that the product isn’t what you wanted, then you are welcome to send it back before the trial

period ends. make sure confirm your oder, and get a sure return date so that you won’t lose out.  This is good,

but you must be on top of the program, test the product, use it, if it doesn’t work for you, pack it up and ship it back.


Keep All Packaging

When you recieve your order, just make sure you carefully remove package, then put it away, in case you will be sending

it back. Now, most companies want to ship the unused product back, and others don’t have use for it. The best thing to do is

call them and find out what you need to do. Most companies will ship the directions for you to follow, along with their

website and or phone number.


Debit Card or Credit Card requested

Since we are living in a society where companies can’t be trusted. I use a debit card that doesn’t have much cash value

in it. Some people have experience the full amount taking out of their card for the product. Be safe and use a debit card that

is not attached to your banking account. Better safe than sorry.


Cost Of The Product

Just remember that products have a regular price attached. Some companies will let you know how much is the original

price. Other’s try to keep it hidden, especially if you don’t know are never sample products before. So make should you read

the small print.


Products are Great For Reviews

There are great companies out there just want a good review, and the product is absolutely free! Do your home work and find

those great companies that will certainly give free products or pay a percentage for a good review.

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