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Old Fashion Skin Cure-All

Old Fashion Skin Cure-All


Chicken Soup for healthier skin.


Ckicken broth that you make is a good source for reducing wrinkles. You can

improve your skin naturally from the inside out by consuming certain foods.



1 whole onion diced

1 stem of celery diced

1 carrots chopped

2 bay leaf

3 cups of water



Simmer a quarter chicken part: skin, bones and all

in a medium pan or boiler. Next, use enough water to

cover the contents. Now, cook for about 2 hours with out led. Allow for evaporation.

When cooled, the poultry and vegetables will give the content a good flavor and

nutrients. Take the remainder of broth and strain the solid from the liquid.

now put this portion in another bowl.


This is the same substances we make in our own bodies that provides our skin

with plumpness and fulness.

Now you can eat the substances.

Use the broth as a daily moisterur for you skin. Let set on skin for 10 or 15 minutes,

then wash off with warm water.

Lemon Basil Skin Cream

Lemon Basil Skin Cream


Lemon Basil Skin Cream leave skin feeling all day long.

These natural ingredients dooen’t dry out your skin. Instead it leaves

it looking young anti-aging with longevity.


15 oz shea butter

12 oz coconut oil

2 oz. jojoba oil

31/2 oz avocaco oil

1oz beewax

15 oz water

31/2 oz lye


Mix all ingredients together in a wooden bowl, use a wooden

spulatia to stir. Now add 2 oz lemon essential oils and 1 oz basil essential oil

right befoer the mixture set.

Let this mixture set for 4 to 6 weeks before using.



Reduce Acne Sydrome

Reduce Acne Sydrome



Reduce-Acne-Sydrome/Out Of The Kicthen Skin and Face Renedy-5 ways to reduce pimples

and blackheads immediately/




Most skin can get irritated with pimples.

The 4 types are: Whiteheads or normally seen on oily skin

where the tissue around the pores swells up or get inflamed,

Blackheads appear when black spots occur with the infect insidecalled cysts, these pimples are deep and filled with infection (pus)



Basil leaves: place leaves in warm water for 10 to 20 minutes. Dip the

cottom tip or ball into the tinuture and apply to face.


Lemon Juice: Dip a cotton ball or tip in lemon juice, use freshly squeezed lemons

and place on affected area for 5 to 10 minutes.


Organic Honey: Cover affected area using a cotton tip, now let sit for 45 minutes to

one hour.


Aloe Vera: Apply natural aloe directly to the affected area, leave on.


Ice Cube: Works as well as an aniseptic,  wrap ice in a clean cloth, then apply to affected area

for a few minutes.


Pink Banana Tropical Facial

Pink Banana Tropical Facial



Small banana plants produce the most stunning glowing

brilliant pink banana. They are edible, but very seedy. the seeds are a very good

protein source for scrubbing the face with instead of bathing soap.


Take some ripe bananas that has split

use 1 cup of pink banana

3tbsp. of organic honey

1 tsp of olive oil

1/2 cup sour cream



Get a bowl, a wooden spatula, now put

all ingredients it, mixing well, now pour the mixture

in a hand mixer, now blend thoroughly until thicken

after blending for 3 mins. now put mixture back into bowl

Now use spautula an spread evenly over your entire face, then let sit for

eight to ten minutes, now wash off with warm, now spalsh off with

cool water.

Do not get mixture into eyes.

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Sweet Potatoe Scrub

Sweet Potatoe Scrub


Locks in Moisturizer

Sweet Potatoe Scrub

Sweet Potatoe Scrub for your skin/Out Of The Kicthen Skin and Face Remedy

www.nurtra-sure-orgaskin,com/sweet potato scrub/This product locks in moist

help skin maintain open pores, for moist to stay inside longer-use weekly for best


Sweet Potatoes Scrub Mask


Sweet potatoes helps lock in moisture, give your skin a

healthy glow, and give your skin a healthy glow, and protect

it from damage.

Filled with vitamin A/ retinol perfect moisturizer for dry skin.


1 cooked sweet potatoe

1/2 carrot cooked

1 tbsp. Oliver Oil

1 tsp.pure brown sugar


Mix all ingredients together well, then let stand for 5 mins.

make sure potato and carrots are both well cooked

then let steep for 3 mins. to saturate now apply this mixture to your face

avoiding your eyes. now, leave on face for 20mins. now rinse off with warm water

now splash with cool water


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Ice Cold Cucumber Slices for Eye Bags

Ice Cold Cucumber Slices for Eye Bags

Get immediate Results

Ice Cold Cucumber Slices for Eye Bags


Aging causes the flesh around our eyes to sag or bag

These little bags are due to excess fluid filling out the soft

tissues around your eyes.

Want To Look Ten Years Younger




Get a few slices of cucumbers and let get  chilled, then take

them and apply to the bags under your eyes. Use a teaspoon

to hold them in place for 5 to 7 minutes.



You can use a teaspoon to serve the same purpose. Just take two

teaspoons and chilled them for 20 mins. Now, place them under

the eye.